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Since April 2019

In the first year as editor with Cactus Global, I have edited 900+ papers on subjects including epidemiology, infectious disease, pathology, oncology, and surgery, among others.

Drunk monkeys, December 2018 

I learnt about communism from my parents. Empty shops and neighborhoods with a single phone line, eavesdropping on all calls; a risk of prison for a letter from abroad; plays banned from theatres; militia beating young people to the pulp in daylight in the street.

Cecile's writers, January, 2020

Few people see working abroad as a dream, or even a choice. Many would much rather be at home but don't think there was anything waiting for them there and whenever someone braves a return, they meet with raised eyebrows at farewell and welcome parties.

Mslexia, October, 2022

Conversation around Brexit has been so focused on the economy that, when disaster didn’t strike despite prediction, we quickly forgot the real meaning of Britain’s departure from the EU. The tragedy of making any one country 'great' isn’t about money. It’s about the loss of a distinct identity that collaborative Europe gave my generation.

the Same, June, 2023

Nuala Smith was born in Drogheda in 1946, worked as airhostess, ran a vegetarian restaurant and a garden center before moving to San Francisco in 1980s. Returning to Ireland shortly thereafter, she taught office skills iand wrote for the Irish Radio (RTE). Her prose appeared in newspapers and magazines.

The Coil Magazine, September 2018

Mygrandfather had an old violin he kept wrapped in a plastic bag on the top shelf of a very tall cupboard. “This is not a toy,” he said, refusing to let me have it. Once, when he wasn’t home, I was restless after building a carpet tipi in my grandparents’ living room. I wanted something to do, so I went to the kitchen and pulled on my grandmother’s skirt while she grated potatoes for placki.

PLoS One, May 2016

Fazel S., Wolf A., Fiminska Z., Larsson H. (2016). Mortality, rehospitalisation and violent crime in forensic psychiatric patients discharge from hospital: rates and risk factors

Fazel S., Fiminska Z., Cocks C., Coid J. (2016). Patient outcomes following discharge from secure hospitals: A systematic review and meta-analysis. British Journal of Psychiatry.

Regular contributor "translations" of top international research from specialist to plain English with focus on medical and life sciences as well as psychology and affiliated disciplines (examples of work [Word document]).

Part of a publications team driving transition to Digital First. Instrumental to development of 120 web-based and 13 print titles and complementary resources aimed at diverse audiences winning the British Medical Association’s Patient Information Award for two books; three other resources received Highly Commended.

Thoroughly researched, engaging and insightful stories on drug development, clinical trials and patient issues. Highlights included controversy around Essure ahead of the BBC; need for study designs better than randomised clinical trials; hearing from Michael Seres about quality of life when living with chronic illness.

Zeba Katri, Managing Editor Medicine, Editage

In her first year as an editor with Editage, Zuzanna has shown tremendous skill, subject-area knowledge, and perseverance, which have gone a long way towards helping her continuously delight clients. She is meticulous, sincere, and extremely collaborative; with her client focus, she has become the editor of choice for several of our clients and has helped them publish papers in journals such as Medicine, BMC, and Scientific Reports.

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