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  1. Written interviews or guest posts (word count 500-1,200 words)

  2. All interviews are written and published online in English; translations can also be published alongside where relevant or appropriate 

  3. Use the variety of English that’s appropriate for the person speaking (British, American, international etc)

  4. Use plain English – no big words without explanations; the content needs to be and sound intelligent, not elitist or alienating; putting things plainly and simply is an art and a sign of understanding

  5. Writing is personal and informed, combining stories with facts and figures from reliable sources, but tone is conversational

  6. Themes and questions (for indication only)

  • Where are you from and what does that mean/Where do you consider home

  • What does the idea of a country and the idea of your country mean to you

  • How do people react when you tell them where you’re from

  • If they say, you don’t seem [nationality] even though you are does that upset you

  • What languages do you speak and what’s that like

  • What language do you date in and does it matter

  • Is multilingualism restrictive

  • How does war change national identity/How does your identity change when your home country stops (or starts) existing in your lifetime or when there’s a regime change/What happens to your national identity when you have to flee your country to escape persecution

  • Barriers that emerge in families as one person acquires a language that the others don’t share

  • Tensions of raising bi-national, bi-racial, multilingual children

  • Realities of international education and international business

  • Are local residents really scared of immigrants 

  • Why do white supremacists believe they’re better than others

  • Multinational friendships: what do people bond over

  • What does it mean to integrate into a society

  • What happens to your sense of home when you’re priced out of where you’re from

  • How do couples from different cultures figure out where to live and how to raise kids?

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