European writer and epidemiologist

Zuzanna Fiminska is a fiction and non-fiction writer interested in other people’s bodies and priorities. Her stories have been published in Anglophone magazines and journals worldwide. Her novel (unpublished, excerpts available) was long-listed in Mslexia Novel Competition (2012); she has recently completed a collection of short stories.

A graduate of the universities of Amsterdam, Oxford and London, Zuzanna speaks English, Polish and French, and hosts Project Neighbours, a series that examines global issues through personal perspectives. She believes that, alongside art and health, democracy is a fundamental right.

As a journalist, Zuzanna has reported on drug development, clinical trials and the emotional and logistical realities of living with chronic conditions. As editor, she has won awards for her work on medical and health information for lay audiences. Two academic papers she’s co-authored appeared in high-impact journals. In a year of working with academics from the Global East and South, she has edited over 400 medical manuscripts, helping non-Anglophone authors achieve publication in top Western journals.

Zuzanna practices the violin and aerial arts, talks to strangers (a lot) and daydreams about a castle in the south of France, where there’s an annexe for a world-class orchestra and enough futons for all her friends and loved ones. She has an inexplicable fascination with the post office and deep love for evidence that triggers her change of mind.