European writer and epidemiologist

Zuzanna Fiminska is a fiction and non-fiction writer who has reported on drug development, clinical trials as well as the emotional and logistical realities of living with chronic conditions. She has won awards for her editorial work on medical and health information for lay audiences, and the two academic papers she co-authored appeared in high-profile journals.

A graduate of the universities of Amsterdam, Oxford and London, speaks English, Polish and French, and advocates for diversity and a world fit for purpose. ​She started Project Neighbours to understand what is important to people around the world, what seems threatened, and how to resolve tensions to benefit civic societies. She believes that, along with art and health, democracy is a fundamental right.

In her fiction, she lives with other people’s bodies, priorities and restrictions, and her stories have been published in American, Canadian and UK-based magazines and journals. Her novel manuscript (unpublished, excerpts available) was long-listed in Mslexia Novel Competition (2012) and she has recently completed a collection of short stories.

Zuzanna tells stories from many points of view, including different disciplines, cultures, form(at)s, genres, languages and means. One day, she will publish a trilingual novel and produce a piece of immersive physical theatre set to the first violin concerto by Shostakovich. Until then, she's learning the violin and aerial arts, talking to people around the globe and planning for a castle in the south of France with an annexe for a world-class orchestra and enough futons for all her friends and loved ones. She has an inexplicable fascination with the post office.  


Zuzanna Fiminska & Project Neighbours

Oxford, England, UK