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British Sign Language vs English

In this brief interview, Ramon Woolfe, who comes from a large family of seven generations of Deaf people, talks about what BSL is, how he sees the world and how he'd like to redesign it.

Approximately 9 million people in the UK have hearing loss meaning 1 in every people 7 needs adjustments when processing auditory information. At the time of writing, 87,000 people in the UK consider the British Sign Language (BSL) their preferred language; overall, 151,000 people in the UK can use BSL. Nevertheless, BSL continues to be underrepresented in public life and the needs of BSL users aren't given enough consideration in the way products, services and spaces are created.

Ramon Woolfe is a founder and managing director of Drip Media, a leading communications company specialising in British Sign Language (BSL).

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